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O nás

Granite Construction Incorporated is a member of the S&P 400 Index and is the parent company of Granite Construction Company, one of the nation's largest heavy civil contractors and construction materials producers.

Incorporated in 1922 and publicly traded since 1990, Granite Construction Company serves both public and private sector clients and is comprised of many well-coordinated, highly professional teams of BUILDERS located across the nation. We are best known for transportation infrastructure projects including roads, highways, tunnels, bridges mass transit facilities and airports. Granite also produces sand, gravel, ready-mix and asphalt concrete and other construction materials. Unusual among large contractors, Granite is equally effective at building both large and small jobs through its two operating divisions, from small site developments to massive billion-dollar federal projects.

Granite West serves local home markets in the western United States and builds smaller projects of shorter duration. Granite East builds larger, more complex jobs in their home markets of Texas, Florida, New York and surrounding areas..